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In between harvesting wild pine pollen and trout fishing, I sat down with Daniel at the ReWilding headquarters to discuss my philosophies on being a more capable human. During this fun and wide-ranging conversation, we get into the correlation between movement and cognitive ability, how to stay motivated to train, moving through dynamic and texture-rich environments, unstructured play, forest bathing and much, much more.



  • Daniel shares about his latest bio-regional hunt and answers a question on including rich sources of Omega-3s in your diet
  • A “More Capable Human”
  • Unconscious competence
  • Adapting to our modern, virtual world
  • Movement and cognitive ability
  • Perceptual motor development drills — changing the environment
  • Staying motivated to train
  • Progression from jungle gyms to sports & athleticism
  • Breaking down the movement complexities needed for wild food foraging
  • Adapting to your dynamic environment
  • Obstacle optics
  • Forest bathing and texture + stimulus rich environments
  • Utilizing playgrounds for training
  • The benefits of natural playgrounds
  • Stimulus breaks are the new cigarette breaks
  • All roads lead to the natural world
  • Stefano’s prognosis for the future of the human species
  • Working with Stefano
  • Closing thoughts on unstructured play