In between harvesting wild pine pollen and trout fishing, I sat down with Daniel at the ReWilding headquarters to discuss my philosophies on being a more capable human. During this fun and wide-ranging conversation, we get into the correlation between movement and cognitive ability, how to stay motivated to train, moving through dynamic and texture-rich environments, unstructured play, forest bathing and much, much more.



  • Daniel shares about his latest bio-regional hunt and answers a question on including rich sources of Omega-3s in your diet
  • A “More Capable Human”
  • Unconscious competence
  • Adapting to our modern, virtual world
  • Movement and cognitive ability
  • Perceptual motor development drills — changing the environment
  • Staying motivated to train
  • Progression from jungle gyms to sports & athleticism
  • Breaking down the movement complexities needed for wild food foraging
  • Adapting to your dynamic environment
  • Obstacle optics
  • Forest bathing and texture + stimulus rich environments
  • Utilizing playgrounds for training
  • The benefits of natural playgrounds
  • Stimulus breaks are the new cigarette breaks
  • All roads lead to the natural world
  • Stefano’s prognosis for the future of the human species
  • Working with Stefano
  • Closing thoughts on unstructured play

MovNat Fitness In Calgary - Breakfast Television

Leah Sarich is introduced to MovNat with instructor Stefano Tripney

Featured interview discussing the introduction and adoption of MovNat into Megatlon, Argentina’s premier brand in the fitness industry.

Click here to read an article in the Calgary Herald introducing the MovNat system.



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